Proof of Purchase, known more casually by its alias “POP,” is Rochester Institute of Technology's original all-gender a cappella group. While we take the group and our music very seriously, we tend not to do the same for ourselves. While we do sing plenty of pop songs, our repertoire tends to be pretty diverse, including songs from all sorts of genres and time periods. The foundations of our group go back to the boisterous and turbulent times of the Spring of 2009, when POP was created by Rachel Rood and Craig Martek.

Song Artist Soloist Arranger
Neu Roses Daniel Caesar N/A Jandro (Alejandro) Muñoz
Sexy Villain Reimi Wolf Maria Weir Sofia D'Andreano
Choke I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME ... Jandro (Alejandro) Muñoz
Dang! Mac Miller Jandro (Alejandro) Muñoz Jandro (Alejandro) Muñoz
Blueberry Eyes Max Schneider Sofia D'Andreano Isaac Prusky
God is a Woman Ariana Grande Sofia D'Andreano Allie Vaccaro
She Wants Me (To Be Loved) The Happy Fits Isaac Prusky Isaac Prusky
Teeth 5 Seconds of Summer Madison Halker Sofia D'Andreano
Thnks fr th Mmrs Fall Out Boy ... Isaac Prusky
Tongue Tied Twisted Suit Up, Soldier Ben Kedson Lily Roberts
What Where When
Club Fair Gordon Field House, RIT 6:00pm-9:00pm, Tuesday, August 29th
Acapella Info Night Webb Auditorium, RIT 7:00-9:00pm, Monday/Tuesday, September 4th/5th
Auditions Round 1 A120/A130, RIT Friday/Saturday, September 8th/9th
Auditions Round 2 A120/A130, RIT Friday/Saturday, September 15th/16th
Fringe Fest The Little Theater, Rochester 8:20-9:20pm, Friday, September 22nd
Brick City Weekend Performance Ingle Auditorium, RIT 4:30-6:00pm, Saturday, October 14th
Concert Ingle Auditorium Friday, December 1st

External Business Director: Julia Klok


Music Director: Sofia D'Andreano